Recommandation for atopic dermatitis from childrend´s physician Gerda Maiwald (Munich)….

Recommandation for atopic dermatitis from childrend´s physician Gerda Maiwald (Munich)….
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….atopic dermatitis or eczema is a comprehensive disease. Beside the medical diagnosis there should be avoided anything that can cause allergies. Especially infants and children shoould be protected from early contact to irritants. Breastfeeding mothers should watch their diet and eat only tolerant food.
General Steps
Please don´t smoke in your house.
Atopiker people frequently suffer from food allergies. The most common food that you should not eat because it can cause food allergies are : Cow-Milk and Chesse, Egg, Mayonnaise, ketchup,pasta, vinegar, mustard, curry, honey, marmalade, raisins, candy, cocoa, biscuit, jelly, brezels, chocolade, nut syrup, any kind of juice, pork, sausage.
Your clothing should be made of certified organic cotton. Even parents shouldn´t ewar anything made of animal wool to avoid contact between your child and wool. Undressing should be done very slowly otherwise you could cause itching.
Even so too warm clothing could cause itching. Clothing has to be washes thoroughly before wearning the first time. Please pay attention to the washing labels of your coloured clothing especially in case of pants. Rinse thoroughly. Rinsing water has to be clear.
Be careful with the choice of your laundry detergent and please don´t use fabric softener. Waterproofed clothing can cause eczema.
Be also careful with any kind of plastic articles as Pacifiers, diapers and shoes made of rubber material. If your feet are suffering from eczema, please use cotton socks and rest your feet as often as you can in a high position.
Your mattress should be made of products, like capok. Please don´t use any mattresses made of animal products! If you are using a mattress made of foam rubber then you should cover it with three or four layers of cotton clothes for a better air circulation. Please buy pillows and blankets made of material that don´t cause any eczema. Never use bedding made of feathers from geese oder ducks.
If possible you should spent your vacation at the sea. Higher mountains are also possible because of the stimulating climate.
You should not get in contact with too much water and the water should not be too warm. Once pre week you can take a bath. You shouldn´t use tooth paste for brushing your teeth, only the cleanig with water is recommended. Also you should not use cosmetic products as soaps, hairspray, perfume, e.t.c. because it can cause irritaions. Cut your finger nails very short to avoid scratching. Please wear your hair in a manner that it doesn´t have contact to the eczemas. Dont´t use any disinfectant for cleanig your toilet.
In your home you shouldn´t have any curtains or other things that hold the dust. Soft toys should be washed regularly and you can also put it in the freezer. Be careful with carpets in the house besause of house dust mite allergy. Be careful when using any colours, wood preservative, glue, e.t.c. maybe you get an advice from a specialist.

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